Uncovering Your Spiritual Path

By Debra LeClair Psy.D.

People that I work with come to their spiritual paths in a myriad of ways. For some its because the bottom has fallen out of their lives, for others it’s a deep calling that gradually has come into the forefront of their awareness. It’s always an honor to witness this journey of another person, especially as their lives begin to take on deeply felt meaning and clarity emerges where it did not exist before, or at least not on the multiple levels that are experienced now.

Determining the path that is best for you comes down to resonance. As you explore or re-visit ideas and experiences, what literally feels like a light being turned on inside of you? More specifically, what feels intuitively like it echoes truth? What many people struggle with is when a newly discovered spiritual belief comes into direct conflict with rules already integrated from  earlier years.   Some of this originates from cultural or religious traditions and/or messages lodged into our psyche about our place in the world              (e.g.  “ Just who do you think you are?!)

Moving into a resonant spiritual path involves having to shift from the old beliefs that no longer serve, to actually trying out the newer truths. Integrating the newer ideas into everyday life gives us a chance to see how well they make sense, or actually how well they re-organize the way we see things, both mentally and emotionally. Maybe it’s the shift of seeing the glass half full, instead of empty or maybe its still seeing the glass half empty but having a mindful appreciation for what is still filling up half that glass.

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