Tips for Tapping Into Your Creativity

By Debra LeClair Psy.D.

In giving a recent talk on reconnecting to creative spirit,  it was clear that this is a topic that many adults have a deep interest. Below are a few tips:

1) If you have labeled yourself “uncreative” or feel stuck, its a good idea to allow time and  a safe space to explore your creative  expression.  For this, there is no actual goal in mind except to just have fun and see what flows.  For some, that might mean doing something out of routine, like taking a dance class (physical movement in particular stimulates the brain to new possibilities) or to remain in your own company, just sketching out still life drawings or fashion designs in a pad that only you get to see.

2) To move into a creative mode, its important to give your body and brain a little help. Begin a project with a clearing meditation that centers on the breath and/or naming the qualities you intend to access while creating (e.g. focus, playfulness, vision, etc.).  This forms  a positive ritual that helps you “drop” into your creative zone. Taking a lesson from yoga, engaging in the posture where you place your legs up a wall while lying on your back tends to bring clarity and flow to a project as it balances out the nervous system.

3) When engaging in a creative endeavor, breaking it up into smaller segments can be key to managing your artistic energies. This is true whether you are redecorating a room, planning a party or writing a novel. Dedicating  chunks of time into your schedule to work on a project can bring about momentum and true progress.  A chunk might be just an hour, several times a week.  Having a regular time to create can help you work through the times when you are feeling stuck, as your mind will begin to shift through the block more naturally in the day or two in between creative sessions.  Progress at these times may be slower but it will still happen.  This will also grow your knowledge of your own creative energy while building confidence that you can sustain through completion of a project.

4) We often think that creative expression has to stem  completely from our own abilities. It might be more helpful to think of yourself as a channel for a Higher Power to express through you, whether you define that power as God, Nature or Source.  “Getting out of the way” in this case gets us out of our own egos and into tapping that which is more pure and inspired.

Based on her commitment to human potential, Debra co-founded Full Spectrum Wellness LLC, a holistic health and learning center that has thrived in the Manchester Millyard since opening in 2002.  As a certified life coach and psychologist, Debra works with individual clients around career and life transitions.  She also works with businesses around stress management, workplace wellness and team building. To contact, please email

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