The Wisdom of Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer

While spiritual teachers are viewed as living from the soul, in actuality they are still wholly human and do pass on. Just over a month ago Wayne Dyer exited this earthly existence, leaving us with wisdom realized both in how to be fuller expressions of ourselves and in how to cultivate the thoughts, feelings and actions to generate such expression from higher consciousness.  As his ideas has evoked transformative shifts for many of us, the sharing of his words has intensified in recent weeks. Below are some of the most resonant quotes:

  • “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”
  • “The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.”
  • “If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles.”
  • “The essence of greatness is the ability to choose personal fulfillment in circumstances where others choose madness.”
  • “A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.”
  • “We are Divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive.”
  • “Do not think about finishing a project, or about how overwhelming the task may seem. Do nothing more than begin, by seizing this minute.”
  • “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into
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