The Power of Om

Originally Posted on April 18, 2010  by Debra LeClair Psy.D.

Om….a symbol of connection to the sacred and a resonant sound that seems to attune our inner self to deep peace and infinite possibility, especially when it is chanted.  Frequently, utterances of om will accompany the closing of a yoga class or the opening of a meditation session.  When a group of people “om” together, the vibration is  profoundly beautiful and cleansing.  Its also amazing as a solitary practice.

A recent article in Spirit of Change included how Swami Kripalu (of the now well-known Kripalu Center in the Berkshires) instructed around chanting om as a mantra.  Here is a summary:

Relax and take in energy as you inhale fully.

As you exhale, allow the “Au” sound to flow out, allowing it to hang in the air until you naturally move into the “mm”  sound.  Experience the vibration throughout your body.

Repeating the mantra, let the experience evoke peace, joy and  a deep calm.

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