Stuck On A Problem? Use the Mind Body Connection

By Debra LeClair Psy.D

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”   -Albert Einstein

meditate at work But how can you shift your level of consciousness?  There is a practice that first connects the mind and body which then opens up the brain’s ability to access neural pathways that lead to creative thinking.

The practice is to start with a few minutes of just noticing your breath. Specifically, become aware of the sensations of breathing through the coolness of the air on the inhalation and the warmth on the exhalation.  This allows you to arrive into the present and to calm the nervous system.  From there, you can ask yourself a question such as, “What is a positive outcome I want to see?” Then watch where your mind goes. You may find this to be a very productive shift, especially as ideas that may have not occurred to you before start to emerge. Anecdotally, I have had clients and students tell me that consciously uniting the mind and body has allowed them access their intuition and better connect to the perspective of their intended audience, whether it be creating a presentation or developing a piece of impactful marketing material.

Please note that this practice of contemplation is not about letting your mind wander, especially as it moves into its usual litany of stressful thoughts. It’s about purposely using the calm and clarity of the mind that you have created through a meditative process to let your deeper thinking and understanding rise to the top of your awareness.