Power of Attraction: Vision Boarding…is back

People seem to be shifting from just focusing on  surviving to looking at what it would mean to  move towards thriving (forgive my rhyming).  With that, we are bringing back a popular  workshop:  The Power of Attraction:  Vision Boarding on Saturday, June 26th from 9 am-12:45 pm.


Here you will learn the principles around the power of attraction and intention along with  how to apply them in everyday situations.  You’ll also learn how to  shift out of automatic negative thinking, which help lays the foundation to create your own vision board:

“Creating the vision board was so much more fun! To dream, to set goals, to be open to the possibilities of my imagination really did make them come alive. After completing the board, I felt uplifted, inspired and motivated, with a real sense of direction of where I wanted to go and what I wanted in my life.”
-Susan Chepelsky

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