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Experience Self Discovery.


“Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end.”

-Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986)

Find Your Center

Meditation is a highly rewarding discipline that has been research-validated to provide a host of health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, increased energy levels and improved focus.  These benefits can be translated into your every day life in the forms of increased productivity at work or even enhanced emotional intelligence in relationships.

On a concrete level, meditation is a collection of practices where you place your attention inward. Studies have shown that this shifts brain waves into a more alert but also more peaceful outlook. During meditation, mental chatter quiets down and our emotional state moves to its true nature—a state of calm.

As you gain experience with meditation, it becomes easier to more objectively deal with stressful thoughts as they arise and to be impacted much less negatively by the fear and anxiety that those thoughts tend to invoke. Ultimately, this helps you to find your center to meet everyday challenges with greater clarity and effectiveness.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes

Each Just Breathe: Meditation 101 session is designed to be stress relieving and at the same time empowering. In addition to basic instruction and the experience of a guided meditation, classes will cover topics such as:

  • Finding comfortable positions
  • Quieting the highly active mind
  • Creating time and space for regular meditation practice

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Upcoming Classes

Calm mind, balanced body

One of the most important aspects about meditation is that it helps you gain compassion for yourself. In fact, meditation is not so about the mechanics (i.e., doing it perfectly) or even trying to achieve a set goal. Rather, it’s about allowing you the experience of self-discovery.

Meditation can be done as a sitting practice or with movement. The idea is that attention is focused on the experience of being in the here and now. While some forms of meditation are a part of religious practices, meditation can also be learned without any attachment to a particular set of beliefs or customs.

Research from the National Institute on Health indicates that meditation decreases:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • chronic pain
  • symptoms caused by AIDS or cancer
  • pre-menstrual symptoms
  • insomnia
  • high blood pressure
  • migraine headaches
  • obesity
  • stress

These same studies also found that meditation increases:

  • immunity
  • energy levels
  • calm brain-wave activity
  • speed of recovery from illness
  • concentration & productivity
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“Regardless of a person’s previous experience with meditation, Deb provides a welcoming environment while teaching a variety of meditation techniques that can be used at home. The discussions between meditations builds a sense of connectedness in each class session. Putting the class down in my appointment book has helped me make a commitment to myself to build a meditation practice and it has quickly become something to look forward to each Monday!”
M.B. Bedford, NH
“After a major loss, I was lacking connection and slipping into a depression. I sought out the Meditation 101 class at Full Spectrum Wellness to help myself. Sitting with the group and Deb, the instructor, I have learned how to refocus away from the distractions to find peace, joy and connection.”
Jim H.
“The Meditation 101 class is a welcoming and calm atmosphere where you can get your questions answered about meditation and learn how to do it with guidance. Coming to class and making time to meditate made me realize that I did have time for the things I enjoyed that lasted into the days after I experienced meditation.”
“The Meditation 101 class has helped me go from feeling overwhelmed, negative and depressed to feeling connected, energized and peaceful. As a teacher, Deb reminds us to have compassion for ourselves, especially as there is no “perfect” way to meditate and just taking this precious time for ourselves is the most important thing. I realized that taking 10 minutes to do a meditation that I had learned could bring me to a place of calm and gratitude, and also make me more efficient and focused to get on with other tasks of the day. Meditation has become part of taking care of my Self and my well-being.”
Kim M., Manchester, NH
“I came into the Meditation 101 class feeling anxious and unable to sleep. Having a full explanation of the class, being able to discuss my experiences with the mediations and hearing those of others were very helpful. Through the class, I learned that it is ok to not be able to stay focused and that even short durations of focus, bringing the mind back from wandering can strengthen one’s abilities to meditate. With meditation as a tool I feel relaxed, connected and focused in my life overall.”
K.C., Barnstead, NH