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Create a Life Built to Flourish

Believe it or not, doing what gives us the greatest satisfaction is meant to be our natural state. But so many people find themselves in the grind—dreading having to go to work or living to just get through the day. We have lost touch with what gives us fulfillment, true peace and even passion.

Over the last few decades, an increasing number of people, like you, have sought out the services of a coach to help harness the energy, knowledge and skills needed to create lives that are rejuvenated and built to flourish.

Full Spectrum Wellness’s Coaching services can give you the strategies, tools and support to:

  • Gain clarity on personal aspirations
  • Turn up the volume on your individual strengths
  • Break down the inevitable obstacles
  • Sustain positive momentum so you feel like you are really getting somewhere
  • Navigate a life transition
  • Enhance your communication and relationships
  • Find and sustain your work/life balance
  • Launch a meaningful career
  • Improve your work performance

Full Spectrum Wellness has worked with a range of clients including small business owners, executives, teachers, holistic practitioners, administrators, athletes, engineers, and individuals looking to make a major life shift.

Our focus is to help you discover your inner resources, including those that are mental, emotional and spiritual. By fortifying these three aspects, new perspectives emerge which uncover paths you may have never seen before or that you did not believe you could walk.

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One-on-One Sessions

One-on-one sessions can take place in 30, 45, or 60 minutes, and fees are $80, $110 and $140 respectively. Sessions can be held in person, on the phone or a combination of both. In between session support is included in the session fees and can take place with email or short phone conversations.

First sessions are scheduled for at least 45 minutes in order to gather all your important information. A Peoplemap™ Assessment is also included in this time in order to determine your inborn strengths and areas of challenge. Knowing and working with information can be extremely useful in helping you reach your aspirations.

Initial Meeting

  • A 45 minute session with the Peoplemap™ Assessment

30 Minute Session

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45 Minute Session

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60 Minute Session

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Meditation CD

  • A Meditation / Mindfulness CD
“My career felt stressful and draining, which brought me into coaching with Deb. As a woman working with mostly men, the coaching helped me to develop a way to communicate a larger presence and stand my ground, while enhancing my overall communication style. As I am feeling more confident, I am also more fulfilled and happy on the job.”
Mary Ann D.
“The coaching with Deb LeClair helped me to see and value my own abilities and worth and also define and face my deep fears. Its an ongoing process that opens me up to being free to explore all the real possibilities, that I mighty have missed.”
L.G. Bedford, NH
“Being able to counter the negative effects of feeling stressed and drained, by having a place to problem solve and look at new ways to handle to issues that come up for me at work has been the most helpful thing about my coaching session with Deb. I have learned how to hold people more accountable without the emotional fears of how they will respond. Overall, I am more relaxed, communicative and connected at and around work.”
J.T., Nashua, NH
“Deb has been an extraordinary inspiration in helping me navigate through a complex set of life stressors. The coaching process has challenged my assumptions and has brought clarity to my goals and aspirations. In addition to excellent communication skills, Deb is always fully engaged, well prepared and able to keep track of a large number of concurrent issues. She has helped me to rethink the demands of a life well-lived and to re-balance the essential elements. As a result, I find that I’ve improved my ability to get things done and have a much greater sense of well-being. Coaching with Deb has been a very healthy, positive experience.”
“Has been an amazing journey. I have become less anxious, more fluid, more hopeful, more connected, less fragmented. I have become more comfortable and committed to my primary relationship as well as my desired work. I have tackled issues that have acted as detractors and learned to deal with difficult relationships without feeling diminished. I have also tried new areas of interest and returned to some that I had abandoned, developing patience and respect for my creative talents. As a coach Deb’s greatest strength is non-judgmental listening and the ability to share perspectives that clarify or deepen my view of the situation.”
N.G., Bedford, NH
“In working with Deb some of the significant benefits have been goal setting help with focusing on the larger picture, making the end result seem more manageable. Its good to have someone to check in with who is outside the friends / family circle and has your best interests and goals foremost. Deb is genuine, I developed trust and security and was open to the work immediately.”
“Coaching has been a great experience, even though I was skeptical at first. The most significant benefit I have experienced in working with Deb is better communication with my spouse and team members at work. She is also very practical, which works well with my personality.”
John W., engineering executive
“Coaching with Deb has helped me to define my goals and be clear about going after what I really wanted. She has helped me define distractions, understand the fears that come up with changes and stay focused as I move toward starting my own company. Deb has great ideas for getting the business going. She is very supportive and encouraging but also gives concrete ideas and strategies.”
Sue. G., Pembroke, NH
“Deb has excellent communication and listening skills, through coaching with her, I have gained greater awareness of my people skills and how their use (and non-use) impacts work performance and relationships.”
M.B., Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions about Life Coaching

What are the advantages of coaching over just reading a self-help book?

While a good book can get you thinking and help you to change, personal coaching is tailored to help you navigate your unique challenges, strengths and situations. Within the coaching relationship, there is also greater accountability. When something got uncomfortable or you just get too busy, you can put the book away but with coaching, you know there will be someone there talking with you about your progress. As a coach, I would also be there to help you figure out where and how you might be getting stuck and how to get back on to a positive path.

Is coaching like psychotherapy and is it reimbursable by insurance?

While coaching and psychotherapy both involve looking at one’s life in order to make changes through powerful conversations, they are distinctly different processes. Much of the time, in psychotherapy, you and the therapist will reflect on your past and delve into your feelings about that past and how it is affecting you today. In coaching, the focus tends to be more upon defining and attaining goals and dreams. It is action-oriented on what you can do now, to get to where you really want to be in your life’s path.

In psychotherapy, clients often receive a diagnosis, especially if the services are being paid for by health insurance. Assessing and treating pathology is not part of the coaching process. As such, coaching is not a medically based service nor considered health care and, is not covered by insurance.

What can I expect to have happen in a coaching session?

The focus for each session is always up to the client. It is common for coaching sessions to start out with a review of your personal victories since your last coaching session. From there, the conversation often moves into areas such as helping you better understand what you want. Specifically, discussion is held to explore your values, priorities, inspirations, as well as energy-drainers, frustrations and beliefs about yourself. I as the coach will assist your forward movement by teaching principles, offering other perspectives, strengthening your existing skills and challenging your negative beliefs that keep you from your goals. The results of assessments can also be utilized to further understanding. Plans of action are then developed to help you move towards your more desirable place, one step at a time.

How often do we meet?

Depending on the situation, most coaching sessions are scheduled every other week or 2-3 times a month. Since effective use of the coaching means following a plan of action, it is important to have enough time in between sessions to try out the new strategies.

Where do we meet?

Individual coaching sessions usually take place in person at Full Spectrum Wellness or on the phone. Some clients prefer to have a combination of both.