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Just Breathe: Meditation 101

Many clients we speak with recognize that meditation can help bring calm to their body, clarity to their mind and improved overall health. Unfortunately, they struggle to find a way to move into a meditative state. Each session is designed to be stress relieving and at the same time empowering.

In addition to basic instruction and the experience of a guided meditation, classes will cover topics such as:

  • Finding comfortable positions
  • Quieting the highly active mind
  • Creating time and space for regular meditation practice

Please wear comfortable clothing.

For cancellations due to all reasons including inclement weather, please call 603-296-0830

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Regardless of a person’s previous experience with meditation, Deb provides a welcoming environment while teaching a variety of meditation techniques that can be used at home. The discussions between meditations builds a sense of connectedness in each class session. Putting the class down in my appointment book has helped me make a commitment to myself to build a meditation practice and it has quickly become something to look forward to each Monday!
M.B. Bedford, NH
After a major loss, I was lacking connection and slipping into a depression. I sought out the Meditation 101 class at Full Spectrum Wellness to help myself. Sitting with the group and Deb, the instructor, I have learned how to refocus away from the distractions to find peace, joy and connection.
Jim H.
The Meditation 101 class is a welcoming and calm atmosphere where you can get your questions answered about meditation and learn how to do it with guidance. Coming to class and making time to meditate made me realize that I did have time for the things I enjoyed that lasted into the days after I experienced meditation.
The Meditation 101 class has helped me go from feeling overwhelmed, negative and depressed to feeling connected, energized and peaceful. As a teacher, Deb reminds us to have compassion for ourselves, especially as there is no “perfect” way to meditate and just taking this precious time for ourselves is the most important thing. I realized that taking 10 minutes to do a meditation that I had learned could bring me to a place of calm and gratitude, and also make me more efficient and focused to get on with other tasks of the day. Meditation has become part of taking care of my Self and my well-being.
Kim M., Manchester, NH
I came into the Meditation 101 class feeling anxious and unable to sleep. Having a full explanation of the class, being able to discuss my experiences with the mediations and hearing those of others were very helpful. Through the class, I learned that it is ok to not be able to stay focused and that even short durations of focus, bringing the mind back from wandering can strengthen one’s abilities to meditate. With meditation as a tool I feel relaxed, connected and focused in my life overall.
K.C., Barnstead, NH

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