Healthier Schools: A Couple of Simple and Free Ideas

In the January issue of Educational Leadership there were two simple but powerful ideas to help improve wellness and healthy habits at school.  Both of these ideas are free and in some school settings, easy to implement:

1)    Reversing lunch and recess—- when kids were given recess first, they were no longer racing through lunch (which results in a lot of food being thrown away) to get to recess.  This resulted in healthier blood sugar levels, which is better for focus and learning.

2)    For schools that have a period if time when the students arrive and then gather before school starts, organizing a walking program around the playground or gym with popular music playing can have a multitude of benefits.  Teachers have reported that their students were “more attentive” and less likely to drag themselves into their seats at the beginning of class work.  The opportunity to socialize before school starts also had a positive impact.

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