Finding Your Soul’s Purpose – Incredible Teachings from our Animals

By Michele Lowry

As I look back over the last decade, I notice how life has unfolded for me, I recognize so deeply that opportunities and the subsequent choices we make are set out in front of us.  The key is whether we are awake and aligned to see them or not!

I have often reflected on the path I have taken and noticed how situations and people were placed right under my nose and yet I didn’t see them, (or wasn’t ready to) I had walked right by them.  I spent many years learning through the school of life, and with mentors, teachers, and subsequently clients, that as I awoke and stepped in to my authentic self how easy it was to put one foot in front of the other and walk, run, play and share in the joy of being your true self and the work I was destined to do.

I have definitely had my fair share of challenges but these have ultimately shifted me into a new energy, a revitalized source of knowing and understanding and a joyous step deeper in to my work.  With each day I learn about new tools for my tool box and can step back to acknowledge a challenge for the lesson it is teaching me.  So, I can walk through it with more ease and not be buried by it!!

Each year as I connect with the animals I realize how important a give-and-take relationship is with them.  They want to share their ancient wisdom, courage and strength, so we in turn, may become better and enlightened living creatures.  When we connect to the energy of those in the animal kingdom, their medicine creates guidance and healing in incredible ways.

People will often start a conversation with me saying: “You may find this weird but…..”  I always share with them that nothing is weird or strange to me…..after a sigh of relief that they speak openly, and enthusiastically share their story.  These stories are about animals that have come to them with messages, whether domesticated or wild, these animals have found a way in to their hearts to express their wisdom.

I often share my own experiences with animal medicine, whether it’s a frog, snake, cat or dog.  Its thrilling to me how many people have similar stories and the emails, or posts come flooding back.   Other times people will contact me because they have come into contact with a certain animal and want to know what the medicine, or message is from that animal.   There are many websites and books to refer to, and often the message is one of hope and encouragement acknowledging that a person is on track to their wishes or dreams.

A few years ago, Mary, a good friend, called me absolutely horrified because she kept seeing snakes, and she feared them.  She said that she had seen 4 in total and each time the snake had increased in size!!  I shared with her that snake medicine is about transition, shedding old skin.  I suggested that the snake medicine was there for guidance and she agreed it all made sense.   She asked why the snakes were increasing in size and I replied that the snake medicine was becoming stronger so that she would pay attention to it.   I told Mary that she simply needed to acknowledge and work with the medicine that was being offered.

A business colleague/friend and I often receive animal medicine whenever we are together, or chatting on the phone.  Our validations come through Eagle medicine.  We will both either see an eagle, the word ‘eagle’ or an advertisement that has an eagle on it.  We even both have credit cards displaying eagle.  We laughed so much one day as we both took out our cards to pay for lunch and there were the eagles!  We support each other in our life’s challenges and keeping ourselves in alignment with our life’s work.  We always know that when we are talking about a subject eagle medicine will show up as validation!

I have been gifted and blessed to be able to work with our animals to provide insight into their emotional, physical and often spiritual concerns and bring light around it to create opportunities for healing for the owners as well as the animals.  This is my work!  The empowerment this brings to people is why I believe I was placed on this path and was given this connection to animals even as a young child.

I met Harry, a golden retriever about 18 months ago; he had fatty tumors and was often limited in his movement due to aches and pains, general stiffness.  His owner had brought him to me for a Reiki session.  She had an open mind but had never experienced animal Reiki before.  Harry was very responsive to the session and guided my hands to where he needed the healing.   It was a wonderful opportunity for his owner to experience how animals guide a Reiki session and the feelings and emotions that are felt.  I received an email from her a couple of days later.  She said she was totally amazed that the tumors had completely disappeared.  She also shared that her husband, who was extremely skeptical of what Reiki could do for Harry, could not believe that as well as the tumors having disappeared he also had more energy and vigor than he had seen in a long time.  Harry had run on the beach the day after his session and been able to jump back in to the car afterward his run.   This was a multi-level healing for Harry, but also for his owners to feel and see first hand how this modality created a healing.  I felt that the huge improvement after just one session was Harry’s way of being a mentor to his owners to share how a more spiritual approach can make a difference.  Thank you Harry.

In 2011 I began volunteering at an Animal Shelter to offer Reiki and communication to the animals there.  I learned how some of them were confused about their location and why they were there, and others were delighted that they were out of a bad situation and were ready to move on.  Some have lost self esteem and confidence or had feeling of abandonment.  They felt they were not good enough or not ready for a new home.  Others were so confident they would jump up and down offering pictures of their preferred new environment and/or people.  I ask the dog’s questions and find out what it is they need to transition out of the shelter and find their next home.  It has been fascinating work and I have kept a log of all the dogs I have worked with so their adoption can be tracked also.  The staff has found it useful to refer to the information giving them a better understanding of a dog’s emotional situation.  The trainer at the facility uses the information and we discuss how through her expert training skills an improved positive training experience can be developed.

Doja had been at the shelter for many months, with no interest from the public to adopt her.  When I was introduced to her she was in an outdoor run situated out of sight from passing potential interest.  Doja and I spent some time together and I offered her a Reiki session.  It was very apparent that she had a ‘veil’ around her.  She had shrouded herself because she had lost her self confidence and didn’t feel worthy of a new home.  We worked together to clear the veil and increase her confidence and self esteem.  It was a heart felt experience as she opened up her emotions again.   When I returned to the shelter the following week I was told she had been adopted the day after her session!

Caesar was a 9 year old mixed breed who had been at the shelter for a while.  I was asked by one of the volunteers to have a ‘chat’ with him to see why he hadn’t been adopted.  It was so interesting to find that he thought the shelter was his new home – I petted him and smiled, I explained that this was a place to keep him safe until he found his forever home.   I learned the following week that he had been adopted within a couple of days.

Katie had been in the shelter for a few months and for some reason had not attracted her new home.  I had worked with Katie a few times and initially found that she was full of pent up anger and frustration.  We worked to clear these emotions through Reiki.  One day I arrived at the shelter to find it had been decided that she would be moved to another shelter in the hope of attracting her new home.  The staff and some volunteers were so upset because they had watched Katie go through her healing, attending training classes and getting to know the people and routine at the shelter.  I decided to let Katie know what was happening.  I told her that she would be going on a ride to a new shelter to find her a permanent family.  I suggested to her that she either find her new people that day, or within 24 hours of arriving at the new shelter.  I gave her Reiki and wished her well.  That afternoon I received a call from 3 staff members relaying Katie’s story.  She had arrived at the new shelter and a car had happened to follow them in to the parking area.  A couple who had seen Katie on the shelter’s website were interested in her.  They all met in the parking lot and the couple fell in love with Katie.  The adoption papers were completed and Katie had a new home.  She didn’t even step foot in the new shelter!  A photograph of the 3 of them was posted at the original shelter.  They made a beautiful family together.

How can you bring this beautiful medicine in to your every day life?  Just recently while I was at the barn taking care of my horse, I was taken by surprise when I was stung by a wasp!  After the initial shock and treating the sting I wondered why this medicine was coming to me.   This medicine invokes the female power/warrior, control over our lives, productivity, expressing ourselves more clearly.  A perfect message for me!  On my drive home the lyrics to a song playing were “Must be doing something right”.

The lessons and guidance from these animals infinite ability to share their wisdom, continues daily.  I invite you to open your awareness to those animals you live with, those who have passed, and those who live free.   Connect your thoughts, phone conversations or places you are traveling to, with the animals you see along the way.  What is their message for you today?  Carry an animal medicine pocket book in your car to read about the medicine these animals are bringing to you every day.  It is a fascinating journey and opens up many ‘aahhaa’ moments.   I send you blessings in your journey.

Michele Lowry, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner/Diviner and Animal Clairvoyant


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