Earth Day Meditation

We have a great opportunity to come together in unison to focus our positive thoughts for Mother Earth and Humanity. On Earth Day, Tuesday April 22nd, the world is invited to join together in meditation for our planet. The Master Shift has written and produced a free online meditation narrated by Julian Lennon. Based on the idea that quantum meditation can effect change, the purpose of the meditation is to bring the world together as one meditating force for universal upliftment. The meditation is not religious, but does recognize a “higher power.” It is positive and designed to be a fun experience that all can do at the exact same time. All that is required is for you to sit and listen. Please visit for details about the upcoming event or like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for the latest up-to-date information.

We are in the process of change and it’s a very exciting time to be alive. Together we can create a new fabric of reality. Together we are The Master Shift.

Join us  Tues, 4/22 at 9:30 pm EST by clicking on

The above is an excerpt from the Huffinton Post blog by Christine Segal, M.Ed.,  Executive Director of the Master Shift.



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