Considering The Possibility of Thriving in a Painful Economy

A woman I know very well named Donna got laid off last month from a high-level hotel management job at a time when she was getting ready to buy a house.  The lay off came suddenly and without actual warning.  Donna is a single woman who is reliant only upon her self to pay her bills.   Even with this job, she has struggled to maintain her financial health.

I’ve told you the facts but let me tell you the truth.  Donna didn’t quite know how to feel so she decided to allow any and all feelings to arise, expecting the possibility that the ground might fall out from underneath.  As much as this job satisfied many needs—good salary, prestige, respect from some, Donna has known for a while that this wasn’t the way she is supposed to best serve the world or herself.  Often times the job required an inordinate amount of time and sacrifice.  There was a great deal of dysfunction that existed within the corporate ownership that permeated the employee climate of the hotel.  She often expressed an intention to leave but couldn’t see how she could manage financially.  Her internal conversations were often grounded in self-doubt, revolving around asking, “Is there really a better job out there?  And do I really have what it takes to get it?”

So here it was, a direct hit from the economic downshifts.  But so far the panic hasn’t come.  By recognizing this as a huge push of fate to support her intention to find more satisfying work, Donna has been able to tap into the calm that exists on a very deep level.  The same calm that is derived from inner wisdom.  This translates into a perspective that sees opportunity, feels the fear but then rallies to the side of excitement.  So with a decent severance package and keeping a “ this is happening to help me, not hurt me” attitude, Donna came to expect prosperity.  And she got it—she’ll start work in a few days in a position that is even more advantageous.   A job that came looking for her. For several weeks, she’ll continue to collect her severance pay and money from a project that arose fortuitously from a family member that was well matched to Donna’s talents.  In short, 1 source of income has now changed to 3.

Before you say, this kind of story doesn’t happen very often consider the overall picture.  Is the current economy a chance to shed what no longer serves our collective higher purpose?  Is there any relief at all to having to shift priorities, allowing some things to fall away?  Within crisis, there always exists opportunity.  So if you find fear is dictating how you are living day-to-day allow yourself to consider who would you be without that fear.  How would you then perceive the climate around you—especially as it relates to your job and career?  With that different mindset—what do you imagine will now be attracted into your life?

Debra LeClair Psy.D. is a life/executive coach,  trainer and psychologist who helps those seeking career satisfaction, enhanced communication skills and improved team/individual performance.  She owns Full Spectrum Wellness LLC, a holistic health and learning center and co-owns Platinum Principle Training & Development, LLC,, a company that specializes in interpersonal effectiveness training for organizations.