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In order to provide our clients a wider range of services, Full Spectrum Wellness has partnered with several local area organizations, such as Catholic Medical Center, Southeastern Regional Education Service Center, Apparent Connection and Derry Medical Center.  The sessions and events change often, so be sure to check here often to learn about new classes.

Meditation Class

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction- Adapted, Part I

In Partnership with Derry Medical Center

April 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th, 6-7:30pm

Orientation March 30th

Location:  14A Tsienneto Road, Suite 300, Derry, NH

Non-stop distractions, multiplying worries and the pressures of work and home magnify our tension and take away from our quality of life.   In contrast, the source of joy and full engagement with one’s life starts with being able to stay connected to the present moment.

By returning to the present moment, changes take place in the brain, mind and body.  Studies show that the practice of mindfulness builds new neural pathways and increases gray matter in the brain. For the mind, this means that that you have better access to your inner wisdom, creativity and ability to look at things objectively. The emotion center of the brain also begins to calm, helping the entire nervous system to be less prone to anxiety, stress and negative thinking. In turn, a reduction in stress decreases inflammation and cellular damage, helping the body to better heal and regulate itself. This serves in the prevention and management of chronic disease as well as premature aging. As an ongoing practice, mindfulness is now being recommended as a complement to traditional medicine, holistic health and psychological treatments.

If you want to learn how to take better care of yourself while discovering a deeper sense of ease and peace of mind, and if you are willing to actively engage in your own health and well-being, we welcome your participation in Part I of our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Adapted course (MBSR-A).

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Project Chill:  Creating Calmer Classrooms for Students & Staff

In Partnership with SERESC

April 21st, 8 am-3 pm

5.5 Contact Hours

Location:  29 Commerce Drive, Bedford, NH 03110

Educators across the board report that they are seeing increasing levels of tension and anxiety in their students. They further note that this stress is starting in younger years and earlier grades. Research shows that these escalating anxiety levels can affect social development, behavior and academic performance. Relatedly, educators themselves are also experiencing higher levels of stress that impact their work, quality of life and capacity to model desirable behavior for their students. This professional learning opportunity is designed to teach mindfulness practices that can be integrated across the curriculum while assisting in classroom management and the promotion of pro-social behavior.

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