Chocolate (Sensory) Meditation

When we’re practicing mindful eating, its not just about noticing when your stomach feels full but about connecting to all the sensory pleasure that food brings us.  When we eat mindlessly, we miss out  on the nuances of deliciousness as well as a food’s texture, both of which satisfy the pleasure centers in the brain.  One of the reasons we overeat is because we keep seeking the experience that we never stay present with  as our attention shifts to the computer screen or our thoughts about what’s next.

Believe it or not, coming back to the pleasure takes some practice.  Consider the meditation practice below as a good start.

Chocolate meditation

  1. Listen to the sound of your fingers unwrapping the chocolate
  2. Bring a piece near your nose to inhale its scent
  3. Ease the chocolate into your mouth, small bites at a time or all at once and slowly let it melt on your tongue, taking in all the tastes and textures
  4. Notice any lingering taste once swallowing