5 Ways To Power Up A Visualization

visualizationImagery speaks to us profoundly as sentient beings, from our psyche to our spirit but also to the intelligence that is within the physical self. Imagery can help us construct a dream, heal our bodies and manifest an aspiration. It gives the mind something to aim for and in some cases a blueprint to follow because we got to see it first in our mind’s eye.   Below are 5 ways to fuel a positive vision of how you’d things to be:

1)   Start by thinking about how you want to feel.   Getting in touch first with the emotion will then help the mind to create a scenario that matches that feeling state and deepen its experience. Placing yourself in the familiarity of feeling inner calm for example will create a more direct path to know that same calm past the visualization.

2)   Let yourself go there. Many of us do not tap into the power of visualization because we stomp down the process before it can even take bloom. Telling yourself that you don’t have time or that “ It could never happen like this” keeps you in box. Instead, see where your mind can take you. If you are seeking peace, follow your imagination to that beach sand warmed by the sun or smell the pines along that mountain trail.

3)   Engage most if not all of your 5 senses to bring them alive in your mind. In your visualization, what does the ground feel like under your feet? What does the air smell like? What are you seeing that pleases your eyes?

4)   Let yourself make changes whenever needed. This is YOUR visualization and it does not have to follow any set formula. Imagining yourself climbing to the top of a mountain may have helped inspire you to go for that promotion but it doesn’t work on the day you are looking to release stress.

5)   Be in the mix…don’t just watch. Research has shown that visualizations of positive change are more effective when the person experiences the imagery through the point of view of being in their own body as opposed to watching themselves as if on a television screen.

Debra LeClair Psy.D is a doctoral level psychologist and certified life coach, who helps people to find greater access to creative flow, career fulfillment and inner wisdom.