5 Simple Ways to “Green It Up”

By  the way— these are tried and true:

1) Take your re-usable shopping bags EVERYWHERE you shop—Old Navy, Barnes & Noble— Macy’s.  Honestly, at first this may seem a little strange pulling  out a bag you usually use for groceries to put your new clothes in, but so far it seems appreciated and well, its the logical next step.

2) Print on both sides of the paper–and re-use paper that only has one of its sides printed on.   I’ve come to meetings with agendas printed on past event flyers—did I feel a little strange?  Yes, but people who noticed thought it was a great idea. (It saves money too).

3) Eat more veggies—it’s sooooo good for you and the environment.  This is because it lessens the demand for meat, which in turn lessens the strain on natural resources while decreasing the gases  from the animals that are emitted into the atmosphere exacerbating global warming. (It’s also kinder to animals). Check out the following resources:

Vegan before 6′: Foodie Mark Bittman pushes a part-time meat-free diet – Topix: http://bit.ly/bd1skq

4) Turn you car off instead of idling if you know its going to be a few minutes.  For instance, if you drive a standard car, it is actually a relief to just turn the car off at the bank drive-thru and not have to worry about the clutch, the hand brake, etc.

5) Instead of using chemically produced room fresheners, purify indoor air with plants or by diffusing  real essential oils (that of course come from plants).

For even more tips, go to our homepage at http://www.fullspectrumwellness.com and click on our Going Green List.

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