4 Questions For A New Year

As we leap into the new year, there’s a sense of hope that jumps with us.  We become inspired to live better–reconnecting with our purpose, both for ourselves and what we share outwardly.  With that, here are a few key questions to fire up your intentions:

  • Focusing on what is already giving you joy and you wish to continue, what do you want to renew?
  • Thinking about what has been fulfilling in the past but has lost its mojo, what do you want to recharge?
  • Everyone has aspirations that are scary or elusive, could you find them more easily in your grasp if they were to be reimagined or redefined?
  • Is there anything you need to reclaim?

You might have these questions roll around a bit, letting them process through your psyche and spirit.  One may rise to the top of your awareness or maybe you’ll see a theme emerge.   If something sticks (or nags) at you–that just might be your North Star to keep you focused and connected to creating a sustainable shift.

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